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First Response Vehicle

McIndoes Hearse With Two Black Horses. They Also Have A White Hearse And Grey Horses.

We Do Have A Sense Of Humour!

On Sunday, 19th May 2013 a new official World Record for fastest motorcycle hearse was set Paul Sinclair, better known as the faster pastor, who rode the Suzuki Hayabusa hearse at 126.6 mph.

Equipment To Record Services

This equipment can give a high quality recording of a funeral service. Permission from the Clergy, Celebrant or Humanist must be sought.

Mike with his trike hearse

Bose Acoustic Wave® system and case

Bose Acoustic Wave® system and case

This is a fully portable high quality music system that can be used in churches, halls, crematoria, or even in a cemetery.

Red hearse at Balmerino Parish Church

A red hearse outside Balmerino Parish Church. Supplied by D.G. Carriage Masters.

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